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How can you handle infant care during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2021 | Family Law |

Divorcing when you have an infant is not particularly easy. Your child is at the age where they need around-the-clock care. They need to eat regularly, sleep often and have parents who can respond to their needs quickly.

Your divorce will have an impact on your infant. Even though they may not remember it in the future, the actions you take now can still impact them. For example, children between birth and 18 months are able to understand when there is tension in the home. They won’t necessarily understand why, so you may notice that your child becomes emotionally distraught, irritable and clingy. Some children may show signs of regression and developmental delays, as well. Minimizing tension and reducing the time between visitation times may help.

What can you do to make divorce easier on your infant?

To make divorce easier on your child, you need to take steps to remove tension from the home and to provide consistency. It is often easier for the mother to maintain primary custody, since she may be nursing the infant, but fathers should still see their children regularly. In terms of custody, some divorced parents still meet up each evening for the child’s bedtime or make time to visit several times a week. Going more than a day or two without contact could hurt the parent-child relationship, so frequent, short visits are a good option.

Another way to help ease the transition is to focus on normalizing the time of day when your child has meals or sleeps. They should have their favorite toys and security items with them at all times so that they can be comforted regardless of where they are.

Children may not understand what’s happening at this age, but they can feel a difference in the moods around them and may notice changes in how often they see people they’re familiar with. As parents, it’s your job to do your best to reduce tensions in the household and to minimize conflicts when your child is present. Focus on routine, calming tensions and building up a positive co-parenting relationship to make your divorce easier on your child.