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Having the courage to file for a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2021 | Family Law |

No matter how unhappy your marriage is right now, it can be difficult to make the decision to file for divorce, especially when there are children involved. Like most big events in life, divorce takes courage, and it requires that you keep a firm focus on the more positive future that is out there for you.

If you are currently feeling trapped in an unhappy marriage but you feel crippled by the feeling of uncertainty and shame that you are associating with divorce, you need to reflect on what you truly want and the sacrifices that will need to be made. The following is an overview of how to have the courage to file for divorce.

What is courage?

Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is feeling the fear of a situation but moving past it and doing what you know to be right. While fear may be telling you to avoid divorce and remain in an unhappy marriage, you know that you would be doing yourself and your children a disservice by not having the courage to get a divorce.

Having the courage to leave

Having the courage to leave requires that you get honest with yourself. In your fear, your mind may be making up lots of excuses for why it may be better to stay in the marriage. You may start to believe that you will be worse off financially, or that your relationship with your children will be worse, even if there is no evidence to back that up.

It’s important that you try to move past the fear of your current situation. Start by not focusing on the minor details of the situation, and instead visualize your future. Consider what your life might look like five years from now, both in a situation where you do get a divorce and a situation in which you don’t.

If you are in an unhappy marriage, you shouldn’t hesitate to understand your rights in a future divorce proceeding.